Jonis Agee

Maureen Seaton &

Samuel Ace

Cathy Adams


Chas Hoppe  ~ "The White Between the Frames"

Maureen Seaton & Samuel Ace  ~ "A Secret in the Interstices"


Cathy Adams ~ "Concretia Dementia"

Jonis Agee ~ "Escape Velocity"

Penn Stewart ~ "Fifteen Miles from Early"


David Gauly ~ "Four Years"

Kathleen McCormick ~ "Virginity: The Bible, the Beatles, and Bubblegum"


Bob Kalish ~ "Contributors Page"


Episode 28 ~ Recorded live on April 27 at the Jinx Art Space in Bellingham, WA. 

                     This episode celebrates national poetry month with Nancy Pagh,

                     Oliver de la Paz, and Bruce Beasley.  Musical guest was The

                     Rockets. Subscribe to our podcast here. 


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